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Online Matka is becoming increasingly popular among betting sites in India. Casino games from India's rich gaming culture, such as Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, are now available from international casino operators.
Another Indian game that is gaining popularity on various betting sites in India these days is online Matka. It is a game of chance, similar to betting and the lottery. This comes in a variety of forms, including Satta Matka and Indian Premier League or IPL betting.
Popularity Of Online Matka in India
It's not surprising that online Matka is one of the most popular variations of this game. After all, no other sport can compete with India's passion for cricket. According to BARC India, 93% of Indian sports viewers watch cricket.
betting India also released a report last year indicating that cricket attracts 80 to 90% of India's betting population. According to them, approximately 140 million Indians bet on sports on a regular basis, with over 370 million doing so on major sporting events such as the Cricket World Cup and the IPL.
When it comes to sports or online Matka players, the majority are male, accounting for 88.4% of the betting population. In terms of age, 44.6% are between the ages of 18 and 24, while 32.5% are between the ages of 25 and 34.
Surprisingly, the majority of these online Matka players (18.7%) are from Telangana. Telangana is one of the few states that does not permit any form of online gambling. This is followed by Karnataka with 13.2% and Maharashtra with 9.6%, where online gambling is also prohibited due to the Bombay Wager Act.
While MyBetting released this report with numbers, it also stated that it is difficult to estimate the exact numbers at this time. This is because many players are still placing their bets underground. They can only say that the local betting industry is worth around USD 60 billion per year.
The Legality of Online Sports Betting in India
When it comes to Telangana, there is a chance that the online Matka ban will be lifted. Telangana acknowledged earlier this year that the blanket ban may not be effective. According to MyBetting India's report, this is correct.
Because no law in India prohibits it, most punters in this state continue to place their bets offshore. While offshore online betting is safe when done correctly, there are risks because locals are not protected by local laws.
Jayesh Ranjan, Telangana's Principal Secretary for IT, Electronics, and Communications, stated this year at an All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) forum that he already has a draft law that would change the blanket ban in Telangana and is just waiting for the right time to present it to the cabinet.
If this passes, Telangana will have a gaming committee that will decide how to regulate the local industry.
""We see that the landscape of this online Matka is extremely dynamic,"" Ranjan said. It is extremely complex, and the government cannot be the sole regulator.""
According to him, the government now sees the gaming industry as a significant contributor to the state's economy and a potential source of employment.
""We know that employment opportunities in gaming companies are much more versatile,"" Ranjan explained. ""Even if you don't have much of a formal education, you can still learn a few applications software and find respectable employment.""
Aside from Telangana, other states are considering amending their local betting laws. Representatives from Meghalaya also shared their recently enacted gambling bill, which could help boost their economy, at the same forum.
Chief Minister Conrad Sangma expressed confidence that such laws will provide an enabling regulatory framework for the state's gaming activities. He claims that they have already issued three provisional licenses to those who have applied to operate in Meghalaya.
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