It is still unclear whether Reaper of Souls

It is still unclear whether Reaper of Souls

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"While our efforts aren't perfect, we strive to D2R Items come up with the highest quality choices that we can using the information and the knowledge we have at the time. However, that doesn't mean we'll always make the right decisions and if we do make an error, then I'm confident that we've taken a tremendous effort to correct the mistake."

It is still unclear whether Reaper of Souls will be accepted by those 280.000 people who are vocal fans in a manner similar to what the original Diablo was not. "It's difficult to discern where the ideas came from and what they didn't," adds Mayberry. "I believe Jay was confronted with the greater challenge of getting Diablo out. It was a huge strain on Jay and, I believe that for Josh to be honest, he's joined with the idea of putting the next layer of. I believe that all of them have done an excellent job."

Reaper of Souls, with its dynamically generated adventure modes is set to be that next layer. Mayberry says that the expansion will make the game feel more like the sandbox experience, and less like a directed experience which more closely emulates the original games.

"If you go to traditional Diablo--Diablo 1. Diablo the very first version of Diablo it's playing the narrative of the story. This was the system they invented back then and one of their biggest hurdles when creating Diablo was: "What is it that we hold on to from previous games , and what can we make different in the future?" The emphasis on just the story campaign "made Diablo feel more small than it really was," says Mayberry. "Because you're always being driven--go there, then now go there."

Players who have shied away from Diablo due to its less than stellar loot variety might also find enough new loot to buy D2R Ladder Items warrant another appearance. Items are now designed to interact with each other, Mayberry explains, and there are a lot of combinations for intriguing character designs. "I got something to drop was a Massacre bonus.
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