How to Bet on Asian Handicap in Football? | Understanding As

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How to Bet on Asian Handicap in Football? | Understanding As

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Betting is never without risks. However, if you want to explore Asian handicap betting on a soccer betting site and seek valuable advice, you've come to the right place!
For those who engage in Asian handicap betting, their daring nature can be quite surprising. In this article, Wordbongda will explain the concept of Asian handicap and provide insights into the strategies used by bettors, giving you a comprehensive understanding of why they take such risks.
What is Asian Handicap?
In football betting, bookmakers typically offer three main types of odds: Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under. Additionally, there are various other betting options such as corner kicks, penalties, and yellow cards to attract bettors. Asian handicap is a type of bet that combines multiple odds into a single wager.
Explanation of Asian Handicap Betting
Asian handicap betting, also known as Mix Parlay, Combo Bets, or Multiple Bets in English, allows players to choose multiple matches from different leagues for their wagers. Players can freely select the most reliable odds based on their calculations. A typical Asian handicap bet consists of three or more legs (or folds). If all the legs win, the player will receive a substantial payout. However, if even a single leg fails, well... Better luck next time.
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Asian handicap betting is a challenging form of wagering and is not suitable for those with weak mental fortitude. Football is a sport filled with surprises, and many seemingly certain bets end up being bitter disappointments. If you want to engage in Asian handicap betting, you must first understand how to calculate Asian handicap in football.
How to Calculate Asian Handicap in Football
Although bookmakers offer various types of odds, we will focus on three main types: Asian handicap, European handicap, and over/under. These are the most popular and commonly used odds for Asian handicap betting. Among them, Asian handicap is easier to calculate than European handicap and over/under. However, before you start betting, you must know how to read football odds accurately.
2.1 How to Bet on Asian Handicap
Asian handicap is primarily dependent on the handicap level, which is easier to compare than the European handicap. Players simply choose a team they think will win and receive a payout based on the odds. The formula for Asian handicap betting is as follows:
Bet coefficient 1 x Bet odds 2 x ... X Bet coefficient n
For example, let's consider betting on a four-leg Asian handicap with an initial wager of $200:
The legs in this Asian handicap bet are: Barcelona @ 1.6, PSG @ 1.3, Arsenal @ 1.92, and Bayern Munich @ 1.15.
If all four selected teams win, the player wins the Asian handicap bet. The payout will be: 4.59264 x $200=$918.528.
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However, if any of the selected teams lose, the player loses the bet.
2.2 How to Calculate Asian Handicap Betting in Football
Reading Asian handicap odds and over/under odds can be quite complex compared to Asian handicap. Therefore, understanding these odds can be more challenging than Asian handicap odds. Here's an example of how to place an Asian handicap bet, including over/under and other types of odds:
If the odds are winning, the multiplier is an unlimited geometric progression. Thus, Asian handicap betting is usually applied to smaller leagues.
Note: The translation of specific terms related to betting odds may vary, but the underlying concept remains the same.
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